When the Blazing to Serbia convoy drove across Europe to Serbia in 2014, it loaded a couple of the 5 fire engines with dog supplies. These included, dog beds, bowls, leads, collars, blankets, worming tablets, flea treatments and lots of food. These donations were given to the Charity, ‘Serbia forgotten paws’.


Whilst in Serbia, the team made their first visit to a dog rescue project called, ‘Kanis’, which is situated on the outskirts of Sremska Mitrovica. The team were surprised at the number of dogs that were being looked after and gave a verbal commitment to help whenever they could.



When we made our second visit to Kanis, Emma from the Blazing to Serbia team asked if she could spend the afternoon helping out. Kanis was grateful for the help and it gave Blazing to Serbia a good insight into Kanis’s daily routine.


Blazing to Serbia had given a commitment to help fund the purchase of a piece of land in Bor, to establish a dog rescue centre. Following several fund raising events, the team were able to fund half the purchase price. As a result, the team visited Bor to have a look for themselves.

The journey to Bor, which was made in 35 degree heat, proved to be a bit of an adventure. The bus we were due to catch was full, so the team hired a mini bus and driver. Following two breakdowns, in our van with no air conditioning, it took almost 6 hours to make the journey. However, it was worth the effort as we met Dragan and his rescued dogs. This is going to make a big difference to Dragan and his dogs.

On our return to Sremska Mitrovica, we visited Kanis and gave them some veterinary supplies, which were donated by Treforest Veterinary Clinic.

The two houses that we refurbished with Serbia Red Cross, both had several dogs. We ensured that the dogs were comfortable and well provided for before we left.


The team had a coincidental meeting with the host of the TV programme, ‘Pet Friendly’. This meeting went really well, with lots of interest being shown for the look that Blazing to Serbia is doing with the various dog rescue projects in Serbia. We were asked if Pet Friendly could feature Blazing to Serbia on a couple of their shows. This is something we will pursue in the future.

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